If you don’t have pets, there is probably a good reason for it. Some choose not to have pets because of the inconvenience of having to take care of them, others are worried about the cost, and some just don’t care for animals in the home. While all those are choices, there is one group of people that don’t have much of a choice when it comes to whether they should have pets in their home or not, and that is people with allergies.

Of course, it makes a difference whether the allergy is serious or not, but some will experience very serious health effects when exposed to pet hair and dander.

If you suffer from allergies and are buying a home, you might not always realize that the previous owners had pets, and unfortunately, this could lead to trouble for you and your health.

If you find yourself experiencing allergic reactions in your new home, a thorough cleaning is the best way to solve the problem. Pet dander is very fine, so it is wise to replace filters around the home where it might be stuck.

Even a vacuum-cleaner left behind by the previous owner could be spreading pet dander when it runs, so replacing the bag and filter can improve the situation there.

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