If your sock drawer is overflowing and you’re not quite sure where to begin, start by picking a grouping system that makes sense to you. Think about how you wear them and when you look for certain pairs and then separate them by color, style, length, or occasion. For instance; If you always like to match your socks to your clothes, you could organize your socks by color. If you choose socks based on function, separate all your work socks, casual socks together, and your exercise socks.

Now that you’ve made a system, don’t let your socks start to mix again. Invest in separators to define your chosen categories and maintain your system. You can purchase dividers specifically designed for socks, or just make your own with cardboard or wood. You could even label, or color-code your separators to make it easy to remember which socks go where. This is especially powerful if you use the same systems to organize your other clothing items.

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