When it comes to what you put in your home, all of your senses can make your home a “comfort zone.” Furnishings like rugs, blankets, and curtains take up a lot of visual space. That visual element, especially color, can have a big effect on how you feel in a space. Certain colors are often found to produce particular effects, such as:

  • Blue has been found to reduce stress. It is often described as calming and cool.
  • Yellow, on the other hand, may promote creativity and energy.
  • Green may similarly inspire creativity. 
  • Red though, is often linked to stress or excitement. It’s the color of sports cars for a reason.

Of course, culture and personal experience will always determine the emotions people associate with colors, and even some shades of the same color can change how someone might feel toward it, so this list may not be accurate to everyone. But when it comes to selecting colors for your space, make sure to take into account how it makes you feel, and how you want a space to affect you.

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