Plugging in the plethora of devices that most of us have in our homes usually takes more outlets than we have available. The quick and easy fix is to get a power strip for expanding the available outlets, but using these devices does require some caution.

There is a risk that you could overload a power strip by plugging either too many devices into it, or by plugging in appliances that draw a very heavy load. To avoid this, you never want to daisy chain several power strips, and you should never plug in a fridge or air conditioner into a power strip. Appliances should be plugged in to a wall receptacle if at all possible.

Running a power strip under carpet can also lead to it overheating. Instead, you should use a regular extension cord.

Make sure that your power strip is in good condition before using it. If there are exposed wires, or if you suspect that something might be wrong with it, throw it out and purchase a new one.

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