Grease – we all cook with it. Some of us use more than others, but it is fairly essential for cooking food. Some foods, like bacon, will leave behind a lot of grease in the pan, so what do you do with it? Well, there are people who choose to pour it straight down the drain. They might think that since it is liquid, it will slip down the drain easily, but is this really the case?

No, it is not. Once that grease hits cold water in your drain, it is going to coagulate and form a clog in your pipes. Grease clogs are among the worst clogs you can have since they don’t dissolve easily on their own, collect debris, and they repel water.

So what should you do instead? Some let the grease cool in the pan and scrape it out in the garbage afterward. Others re-use the grease for cooking something else, or you could just collect it in a small cup for throwing out when it has cooled down.

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