Even though it can feel relaxing to kick back in bed and watch a movie before bed, you may be causing damage to the quality of your sleep.

Research has shown that the light keeps your mind stimulated and prevents your body’s internal clock from regulating sleep properly. Your brain controls your internal clock based on signals received through your eye’s optic nerves. When light is detected, it stops melatonin release, produces cortisol and keeps your body awake. So darkness really is important for the deep, restorative sleep we need. So try to turn off or cover any electronic devices before bed.  In addition to the effect that the display light has, devices allow us to be connected to work and stimulation right before we rest. This can also induce stress or can keep your mind active.

For a much better night’s rest, leave devices out of your reach when you got to bed. Additionally, you could set it to “do not disturb” to block out notifications while you sleep.

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