Bees are very important to the ecological systems around our homes. Bees are very unlikely to be aggressive, But if they build their nest close or inside your home, accidents can become more likely and they can become a pest. Killing a bee is almost never a good idea since they release pheromones when killed, which attract other bees and make them more aggressive. So the best way to handle these situations is to trap the bees, and move their nest away from your home before releasing them. In order to do so, you will need a bee catcher. To make one, you will need:

  • Maple Syrup
  • Water
  • Large Soda Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

Cut the top off the soda bottle and add a small amount of maple syrup and water inside the bottle. Just enough to coat the bottom. Once the mixture is inside, take the top and put it back on the bottle, but upside down so that the mouth is facing inward. And finally, stable the sides to secure the new top. This trap is a no-kill solution that allows bees to make their way inside but not escape. So check the trap regularly and let the bees out further from your home, or after you have moved their nest.

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