Many know that adding a mirror to a smaller space, especially a big mirror, can create the illusion of more space. The bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create.

This effect can be enhanced by carefully considering the angle of the room you want to reflect. For example, placing the mirror opposite a window will bring natural light into the room.

It’s not only light that mirrors can bring into the room. If you’ve put time and effort into creating a beautiful garden, you can angle mirrors indoors to your outdoor space into your indoor spaces.

You can also place mirrors outdoors in your garden itself. For example, placing a mirror against the edge of the garden can create the idea of a secret doorway.

If you like to entertain, there is one more mirror trick that can improve your next dinner party. In entertainment or mealtime spaces, a larger mirror can add vibrance to the atmosphere by giving the illusion of more guests.

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