Perhaps in lockdown, you’ve decided to do some DIY home improvement, and you’ve decided to stain wooden items using a natural wood stainer you read about. Before you start, make sure your wood is prepared! If wood is not prepared properly, the stainer may not have the desired results, or may not work at all!

To make sure your item is prepared for an even stain, sanding the wood is essential to achieving good results. If your item has a coating or varnish, start with medium-grade sandpaper and then switch to a finer one once the wood is exposed. However, if your item already has a bare wood surface, start with finer-grade sandpaper. This will give the wood a smooth finish.

Finally, use a dry paintbrush and a vacuum to ensure no dust is left on the surface. Especially look out for dried glue, or hard grains in the wood and make sure to sand those areas thoroughly so they don’t interfere with the stainer. Once the wood is smoothly prepared and cleaned, your staining process should produce a much more even result.

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