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Very professional

5.0 rating

They inspected my new home and they were nothing but excellent and very professional. Thank you!

Abraham Reyes

Thorough and responded quickly

5.0 rating

Joel was fantastic and extremely thorough in his inspection of our brand new home. His report was easy to follow and came back to us quickly. My wife and I feel better now that we’ve had the place thoroughly inspected.


Detail Oriented

5.0 rating

Joel completed an inspection of my newly built home prior to closing. He found a number of issues indicative of the builder attempting to complete the home too quickly. With the detailed report and his expertise I cannot even begin to estimate how much he has saved me in the long run! Fantastic guy and and even better service for the price! I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Victor Kouchich

Perfect job!

5.0 rating

Joel once again performed spectacularly in inspecting our home post-close. he also inspected the home pre-dry-wall, and inspected our home for the buyer of our old house! The builder rushed to complete the job, and it shows in some areas – Joel was able to find places where the issues weren’t visible to the untrained eye. I would recommend him to anyone buying or building a home.

Brian D. Scott

Honest, Detailed, and Professional

5.0 rating

Joel and his team performed 2 inspections for us. He took the time to explain both major and minor details in the report as well as offered his assistance with follow up guidance. Highly recommend him!

Ray Arriaga
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