Do you have snakes in your backyard? Unless you’re one of the few people that actually like snakes, you probably wish that there was some way that you could get rid of them. This is not always easy. One reason why snakes show up around your home is that there is a lot of food available for them. Most snakes live off of small rodents, so getting rid of them might discourage the snakes from showing up. They also need cover, so a well-trimmed lawn is going to be less attractive for them than one that is growing tall.

Snakes also love basking in the sun on a stony area, so clearing away rocks, especially those that also provide hiding places for the snakes will help there. Remember to be careful when you are clearing those rocks away since there could be plenty of critters hiding in there that will get disturbed when you start moving the rocks.

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What Every Home Buyer inTX Should Know

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