Watching your parents getting older is not easy, and sometimes you will get to the point when you realize that they no longer can live on their own. At that point, you usually will have to make a choice. Do you want your parents to live in a home, or do you want to take care of them yourself and have them move in with you? If you choose the latter, you most likely will need to make some changes to your home to make it more senior-friendly.

Some things that are simple for you to deal with can become a major hurdle for your aging parents. Just consider taking a shower. For an older person, stepping into a tub can be quite difficult. It might be that you need to install a walk-in shower for them. You should also have some type of slip prevention on the floor in the shower.

Stairs can also be dangerous, and if your parent is having cognitive problems, it might be better to keep them away from the stairs all together, maybe by using a locked door.

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