Do you know the dangers associated with carbon monoxide? You usually hear more reports about it in the wintertime, but it could happen any time of year.

Carbon monoxide is created when fuel isn’t combusted properly. It is a major danger when you are using any type of burner indoors, since the gas can’t escape anywhere.

A CO alarm is different from a smoke alarm, so you should make sure that you have both installed in your home. The danger posed by carbon monoxide is actually much greater than that of regular smoke, since CO poisoning could kill you in just five minutes.

If you feel nauseous, dizzy and experience shortness of breath, you could be suffering from the effects of CO poisoning. You should seek out fresh air immediately and then try to figure out where the gas might be coming from. Before trying to go back in, you should let the house air out, and if you don’t feel like it is safe to go in, call the fire department to get help.

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