Having electricity is something that we’re all dependent on, and even a short power outage can seriously disrupt our lives, making many of our routine activities much more complicated. Even though most of us have a fairly stable power supply, everyone needs to deal with the constantly rising cost of energy. There are some things that you as a homeowner can do to lower this cost, however. Being energy smart, you can accomplish everything that you do today while using less energy.

If you were to replace all your old fashioned incandescent light bulbs with modern CFL or LED lights you could save as much as 95% of the energy currently used on lighting. This is because older lightbulbs waste most of the energy used on heat.

Your appliances can also have a big impact on your energy usage. While you might think that you are saving money by holding off on replacing an older appliance, the amount of energy a modern, energy smart appliance uses can be fractions of what an older appliance does.

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What Every Home Buyer inTX Should Know

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