Water and electricity get along very well, too well in fact! Water is an excellent electricity conductor, so it can cause electric shocks or short circuits very easily. This is why it has become a general rule to keep water away from any electrical appliances or wall sockets in the home.

While most people are aware of this, there are still some important tips to make sure you are safe from any related accidents. One rule is to never use electrical appliances in the bathroom, as doing so can create many risks. Another suggestion is not to handle any electrically powered items with wet hands or near water. While the power in most objects isn’t fatal, it can still be cause injury and be very painful! This would include making sure the power to the kettle is disconnected while you fill it.

Finally, if a fire ever breaks out near any electrical appliances, before throwing any water on it, make absolutely sure the main power switch for your home has been completely switched off.

Keeping water and electricity apart in the home can make sure that your friends and family are safe together.

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