According to some statistics, there are thousands of burglaries every day, leading to billions in losses each year. The numbers are pretty staggering, and I am sure that you would prefer not to become part of those statistics. What can you do to protect yourself?

You might think that most crimes happen at night, but in reality, burglary is just as common in the daylight hours, and while it might seem unlikely, the majority of burglars break in through the front door.

This means that having a sturdy, locked front door is your first line of defense. It should have a solid wood core so it is difficult to break down. Windows shouldn’t be so close to the door that they can be broken and give access to the deadbolt, and the deadbolt should be good quality, as should the door frame into which it locks.

Alarm systems work very well as a deterrent, and even the appearance of one can be enough to discourage a potential break in.

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