In the summertime, isn’t it refreshing to sip on a cold glass of water? Some homeowners are unable to get this from their faucets, however. Instead, the water comes out lukewarm, or even hot. What could be the reason? There are many different reasons why it could happen. A common problem is when the hot and cold water pipe sits too close to each other, possibly even touching. This can cause heat to transfer from your hot water pipe to the cold water pipe. Sometimes this can be fixed with some insulation, but it is not always possible. It could be necessary to re-route the pipes to separate them.

Another issue could be a mixer valve that is faulty. This can be found in your faucet, so replacing or repairing it would be the solution.

It could also happen that hot water is backing up from your water heater. You could check for this issue by feeling the pipes that are connected to your heater and checking if the cold water pipes actually are hot.

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