Choosing a decor style for spaces can be daunting because of the many options available. To make this decision simpler on a room-by-room basis, use the following facts to help eliminate the type of wall styling you can use for each type of space.

In any room where moisture is expected, don’t use wallpaper. It does not do well when faced with steam or any moisture, so for kitchens or bathrooms, instead use paint finishes that are moisture resistant.

The bedroom is the most frequently changed space in a home when it comes to colors. So it’s probably best to avoid using wallpaper, which is difficult to remove and change, when you are styling a bedroom space.

When it comes to the living and dining rooms, you have complete freedom of choice. In these spaces which are less likely to change and don’t suffer much wear and tear, wallpaper can last years. It’s definitely more of a commitment, but wallpaper can make your living and dining areas look much more elegant than simple paint can.

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