Have you ever considered installing a faucet in your home? It might seem like it could be a difficult thing to do, but you would be surprised at how simple it is. The only tricky part that you could run into is the tight space underneath the sink, other than that, it is definitely a job that most of us could accomplish.

Your first step should be to turn off the water supply for your faucet. This will prevent any messy mistakes. To disconnect your old faucet, you loosen up the nuts that hold it in place under the sink, disconnect the water supply lines, and in some cases, disconnect the lift rod that opens and closes the drain in your sink.

Sometimes it’ll be necessary to remove some silicone around the old faucet to get it off, but that is basically it. Clean up the area well and do all these steps in reverse to install your new faucet. It is a good idea to seal it up using caulk or silicone as well to prevent water from seeping in underneath.

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